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Various Types Of Data Recovery Tools

In simpler words, data can be defined as the numbers, alphabets, images or the collection of files. Whenever the word data come, we tend to associate it with computer or any other such electronic device as we know that these devices are the ones which store and process our data. We store every kind of important information in our computer or laptop systems and want it to be saved but sometimes due to any unfortunate incident the data gets deleted and needs to be restored. In this article, we are going to put light on data recovery and various types of tools that are required to recover or restore the lost data.


As we know that data is the numbers, alphabets, images or the collection of files that are stored in our computer systems or any other electronic device’s system and works according to our instructions. In fact, data is the basic information that tells computer that how shall it work or how the programmer intends to use the data. There are various kinds of data types like character, date, double, floating point number and so on but the  most common data forms are real, integer and Boolean. Conclusively, we can say that data is like a language of a computer only through which the computer system can operate.

Data recovery:

As everything or object can get defected, similar is the case with the data of our computer system.  Sometimes, our computer systems or the systems of any other electronic devices gets defected or corrupted due to various reasons and needs to be recovered or restored. The restoration of our system’s data is known as data recovery.  Hence, data recovery can be defined as the process of restoring the corrupted, deleted, inaccessible or lost data from the secondary storage or removable media files.

Data recovery tools:

People use various kinds of tools to recover their lost data, some of which are going to be discussed here. There is a Recuva recovery tool which is exceptionally powerful tool for recovering data from Linux and windows desktops. Then there is PC inspector file recovery which can recognize data types even when the headers are missing and can fix the problem. Other than these, there is active file recovery tool which can recover all forms of corrupted, formatted or deleted files. Besides these data recovery tools, there are active undelete, NTFS data recovery tool kit and many more such data recovery tools.


Data is the numbers, characters or images of the computer systems that operates and handles the working of a whole computer system. Without the proper storage or procession of data, computer cannot function. Sometimes the data of our electronic devices gets corrupted, formatted or deleted due to various reasons. To recover the lost data, the process of data recovery is used. 

Various Types Of Data Recovery Tools
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