Two Major Elements Of A Computer System You Should Know


Two major elements of a computer system are hardware and software.

Computer hardware is physical devices or components used in a machine. Monitor, keyboard, hard disk drive, memory RAM), graphic and sound cards etc falls into hardware category. The performance of a computer can be improved by upgrading or adding new hardware. Computer software is not something that is physically available. It is a set of electronic instructions given to a computer to perform a specific task. Both hardware and software is necessary for the computer system to work.

There are computer cooling system and laptop computers. Desktop computers are placed on top of a desk while laptop computers are portable. Although these computers appear different physically, both have the same general hardware components.

PC case comes into hardware components. It contains most of the components except the display, mouse and the keyboard. Computer cases are made out of steel, aluminium, plastic or even wood. They come in different sizes and shapes to suit the motherboard of the computer. 

The PC case is better known as computer chassis and tower scheme unit and cabinet and base unit. Tower case comes as mini-tower, mid-tower or full tower. The complete tower case has seen designed to line file servers and as such it includes locking entrances and many security features as security of discs that stores more data than the hard drives. A mini tower instance is envisioned for the desktop schemes and therefore does not have security features.

There are vents on the forward-facing, opposite, upper, left, right side panels of the event to let out hot air of the instance. Although in almost durable PC cases require bolts to hold gears together later this was modified to hold components together by using snap in the plastic railings and further methods so that gathering and alteration of workstation hardware became less time consuming. Using plastic screws made manufacturing cheaper also.

The most important component that is housed in the computer case is the motherboard which includes essential components.
In the computer field people talk of applications or apps. An application is a kind of a software that is used to accomplish specific tasks. Applications for a desktop or a laptop computers are titled desktop applications while applications used in mobiles are titled as mobile apps. Once an application is opened it runs until it is closed. Applications can be downloaded free or at cheap rates. A large number of desktop applications are available. Some are full featured while some to only few tasks.

Microsoft word is an application used in word processing. Web browsers are used to access the internet and they are pre-installed when buying a computer. Different web browsers such as internet explorer, Firefox, Google chrome etc. can be downloaded according to ones requirements.