Safeguard Your Devices From Hackers

Hacking is a serous risk for any individual. You don’t need a celebrity status to be a target or neither do you have to be a millionaire. The internet bought global connectivity, but it also bought a great risk of losing your valuable data, even your hard earned money. If you remember the fappening when iCloud was hacked, exposing many celebrity nudes to the public, that’s the kind of risk that hacking presents.

The threat to your mobile handset

Your mobile smartphone contains very valuable data for hackers, from your credit card information to your private data, including your contacts. The most common threat to mobile phones is malware. The smartphone presents a very useful opportunity for hacks, as it can be used for various functions and is on your person most of the time.

A Trojan horse developed by Georgia Tech can record everything that you type on your desktop computer if your handset is placed on the same desk that your keyboard is placed on. It manages to do this not by using the microphone or the camera, but using the phones accelerometer to record the vibrations produced when typing on a keyboard and from the distance of the phone to the source of the vibration, your phone can calculate the keys entered. To prevent this, use an on screen keyboard at all times when typing in a password. If you opt to use IT solutions in New South Wales for preventing hacks, you will only safeguard your smartphone for a small time, as hackers keep getting more creative and use more sophisticated hacking methods each day.

Which means that the IT solutions set in place to protect your data can be easily crushed after some time passes. To lose your credit card information, you don’t necessarily need a smartphone. If you’re using a contactless credit card, a smartphone with NFC capabilities can steal the credit card information just by being near it and use the same card using NFC again to shop with your credit card to their hearts content. The way to prevent this is to simply use the same traditional Credit card that you’ve used most of your life.

The only way to keep your data safe

In the current world we live in, it’s very hard to make sure your devices are hack proof. The only way to prevent a hack is to not use an internet connection, but this is not exactly possible as the internet has become almost as important as oxygen. The only way to keep your data safe would be to prevent hackers from reading the data, even if they manage to steal it. This is made possible by heavy encryption of your data, this will discourage most hackers to try to breakthrough the encryption as it’s a very painful and time consuming procedure which will deem your data to be unworthy of going through that much trouble for, unless of course the hacker is no one other than your mother, now she would deem it very worthy of decrypting.