Ancient Technology That Refuse To Leave

If you think flip phones are outdated, this article will leave you surprised. In an age of hover boards and virtual reality, these museum pieces are still being used?

The old window
Considering that it was released in 2001, and the fact that it no longer receives any security patches, it’s astounding that almost 30% of the computers in the world still uses Windows XP as the main operating system! Even though it has been a favorite amongst many for so long, it’s high time to move on. Unless of course people like being vulnerable to hacks and viruses of course, in that case you’ll find those in abundance.

Remember dial up Internet?
I know, who on their right mind could tolerate using that sluggishly slow, blood pressure inducing Internet connection. Turns out that 2% of Americans still use dial up Internet, cruising the World Wide Web at a speed of up to 56.6 kbps. Must be fun!

Landlines are still around
Unless for use as office phones, why do people still use landlines? For a fact they’re actually more expensive than a cellular Sim card subscription.

At most houses you visit, there in the corner would be a land line looking at you with a melancholic stare. Let that land line rest in peace, of course unless you plan to convert your house into an office, in that case that land line would make a handy office phone.

That big fat… TV
Obesity still plagues us, yes people still use and buy CRT TV’s. Let’s face it, those TV’s are ugly. Now fat doesn’t necessarily mean ugly, but those old timers got to go! Not only are they ugly, they make the whole TV room look, see this quality hybrex phone systems.

Vinyl Records: From the time of Elvis
This though, is one beauty that will never grow old. Many audiophiles prefer the sound of vinyl. Vinyl records are not only surviving, they’re thriving, thanks to some artists like Daft Punk releasing their albums in this prehistorical format.

A typewriter might be typewriting right now
To be fair, typewriters are still useful. Even though almost everyone has access to a computer, there are parts of this world that do not have an electrical supply. In that scenario, a typewriter would be very useful. As a matter of fact in India, court typists use typewriters. Typewriting is sort of meditation, it forces the typist to concentrate on the typewriter. Well, at-least you can definitely get your work done without the distractions of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.